Health and financial literacy impact each other.
I so needed this! I loved how Dr. Randi pointed out the connections between your financial wellness/literacy and our health and well-being as individuals and families.


Money Empowerment.
I originally purchased this book for my daughter to start out her adulthood life. It was such a "wealth" of knowledge (pun intended). My daughter will be able to now help my granddaughter start off her financial future a lot earlier. Excellent read!!


Great resource! Great for those trying to budget, save money and live smarter in today"s society!


Ladynomics Is a clear, easy to understand guide to successfully managing money. This is a practical handbook with step-by-step strategies for budgeting, saving, and building wealth now. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Dr. Nelson shows the painful common mistakes people make with money and how to avoid them. To me, her strategies for managing money are simple and effective. I really enjoy this book because the advice is easy to follow and actually doable. Ladynomics is a great resource for managing money and becoming financially secure in life. My daughter just graduated from college, so bought another copy as a gift, and I am confident it will help her succeed.

Carla R. Hightower, MD, MBA

A must read in financial education.
Dr. Randi discusses the basic is budgets and other financial information in a simple organized manner.
This is a must read for people who want to get their financial house in order. Love the chapter on Savings.