Dr. RandiBMD is a dynamic speaker; she specializes in a variety of financial wellness topics involving all the basic tenets of financial planning and wellness.


Coaching including Ladynomics VIP 1 on 1 coaching sessions

Dr. Rand’s signature coaching program will provide one on one coaching sessions where she will teach the fundamentals of finance with topics that range from mindset establishment, budget and net worth calculation, strategies to increase income and reduce debt and savings and investing – all the basic tenets of financial planning and wellness.


Pick Your Pocket session

These sessions will allow the client to get thorough and concise advice on one topic of interest.

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Coaching Testimonials

“Yes, I would recommend Dr. Randi because she is very patient and will take time to explain and even research to give you an accurate response. She follows up and keeps you on track.”DMitchell

“We have been extremely thankful for your participation in the program and would like to include the “Easy Budgeting Tips for College Students” seminar in our proposal for future workshops. The workshop that you provided has shaped the course of many of our students’ lives. They still talk about it to this day and look forward to the day when you return to present again. It is my hopes that we can invite you back in the near future.”CSTEPMonique Clark, Co-Director, CSTEP and LSAMP, SUNY College at Old Westbury (PS. I have been invited back to conduct another workshop on April 7th 2021.)

“I got the 9k from EIDL THANK YOU AGAIN for proving me with lots of info!!”Renee Matthews

“Dr. Randi helped me do some MAJOR Spring Cleaning and got me to bookkeeping on my bank accounts which put THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS back in my pocket right away. She is also SUCH a pleasure to meet and talk with! I got lots of love for Dr. Randi!!”Dr. Kadisha Rapp