As one of the nation’s most acclaimed pediatricians and financial experts, Dr. Randi B. Nelson (aka DrRandiBMD) is also a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant. In addition, she is a sought-after media expert regarding children and young adult health issues, and financial wellness expert due to her extensive 14-year career as a Vice President in investment banking.

Dr. Randi meets with professionals one on one and in groups, traveling the country to instruct and provide wellness care those in need.  She is known to be authentic, compassionate, and intelligent who is equipped with knowledge to get professionals on the path to financial wellness.

Dr. Randi is a published author of the Chicken Soup of the Soul series with her short autobiographical story “Following my Heart”.

Dr. Randi earned her BS in Accounting from State University of NY from Buffalo, a MBA from Hofstra University and herMD from State University of NY at Stony Brook School of Medicine. She completed her pediatric residency at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, NY.

Brand Story

I’ve lived a successful life. I graduated from high school, undergraduate (getting accepted to early admission to the accounting program at SUNY Buffalo), graduate (MBA) and medical schools. I won the Gold Humanism Honor Society and medical school class award for Most Likely to Bring the Class Together. I received many awards from elementary school; in 9th grade I received so many awards they called me Michael Jackson because at the time he won 8 Grammys. I got my first job with Morgan Stanley, the world renown investment bank right out of undergraduate school and was promoted to Vice President at Citigroup some years later. I eventually purchased my own home at age 29 where I would entertain friends on a regular basis. In 2005, I was accepted to medical school. I finally found real love at age 46 on Election night 11/8/16 at the Jacob Javits Center at what should have been Hillary Clinton presidency celebration.

However, there were some valleys that I have travelled including the separation of my parents that occurred when I was around 13 years old. Also, at that time my father became disabled which left the lion’s share of child rearing and 100 % of the financial responsibility to my mother; a role she was not prepared for. My father was in no means an absentee father; he provided in ways that were non-monetary, but all his money was utilized to take care of his basic needs especially on a meager disability check. Those were rough times; the stress of being in this newfound role took a toll on her and on my brother and me. My brother and I learned to be self-sufficient at a very early age. We held jobs like paper delivery boy AND girl, supermarket cashier and even restaurant short order cook all before we were 16 years old. We did not want to be a burden to my mother because her working-class salary would cover our basic needs like the rent, groceries and clothing – nothing more. My brother and I have always been hustlers and learned independence before most kids our age.  These struggles brought us closer as there were times it felt like it was US against the world. The trajectory of my life was established during this time which also has led me to this point in my life.

My Why:

I always strive to ascend to the next level in my personal life and professional life. My why is my desire to do more for the people I love especially my family and friends. One memory I cherish the most involves a woman I helped during tax season many years ago. I used to volunteer for the IRS tax preparation service at my local library and a woman came in for tax preparation assistance. For years she was preparing them herself and really was not doing a good job at it because she missed so many deductions and credits. I completed the current year which provided a refund of nearly five thousand dollars! She was stunned. I took such a vested interest in her because she minded me of my mother because she was a single mother of two children just like my mother. I wanted to help her so much. I knew that five grand refund was going to be a significant blessing for her family.  I always knew that money can be a blessing to not only yourself but to others. When I obtained my first position, I desired to make enough to take care of my family. There is nothing I enjoy more than to contribute to their comfort.  I am also community driven; I love to do more in terms of charity. The more prosperous I am, the more that I can give to those unfortunate. This is what drives me to teach financial wellness for all who desire to attain it.

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